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St Agnes Cemetery


JULY 2014


    All financial business in connection with St. Agnes Cemetery must be done at The Church of the Annunciation Parish office

    Cemetery barrels are for cemetery trash only (dead plants, flower boxes, etc.).

    Cemetery personnel may require access upon or through existing lots in order to perform cemetery requirements.  There may be some disturbances to the lots that may regretfully occur.  Every reasonable effort will be made to restore the lot to its normal appearance.

    St. Agnes Cemetery, Church of the Annunciation and cemetery personnel will not be held liable for any loss or damage.

    These rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.  If you have any problems or questions, please contact the office.


    To secure a lot, the purchaser is obliged to pay in full within 30 days under the terms of the purchase agreement.

    Deeds will be issued when lots are paid in full.

    All charges of the cemetery must be prepaid.  No interment or disinterment will be permitted if there is any charge of the cemetery due or unpaid.

    Lot owners are not allowed to sell in whole or in part any lots.  Lots can only be sold back to St. Agnes Cemetery for the original purchase price, less Perpetual Care.

    No artificial flowers or decorations of any kind are allowed and will be removed by the caretakers.

    No trees, shrubs, plants or bushes will be allowed or be replaced on lots. New bushes will be removed at lot owner’s expense.  Any existing shrubs, trees or bushes that are overgrown or impede the care taking will be removed at the lot owner’s expense. The stumps are the responsibility of the lot owner.

    No plastic, wood, glass or ceramic vases or other such ornamentation is allowed.  No brackets are to be attached to any memorial.

    No fencing, edging or artificial boundaries of wood, brick, stone or other loose materials are allowed around the memorial.

    Planted flowers must be no more than one foot from the base of the memorial.  Baskets of cut flowers must be placed within one foot of the base of the memorial or on the side of it.  These baskets are not to be secured to the ground with stakes, rods or wire.

St. Agnes Cemetery is located just outside Ilion on State Rt 5. It is open from April to November (depending on weather conditions). A limited number of plots are available for interment.



Single Grave

(Perpetual care included) -


Interment -


Cremains Committal -


The cost of burying a second set of cremains, in a single grave, will be $375.00 (1/2 cost of a grave) plus $400.00 (interment fee) for a total of $775.00.

(prices subject to change)


For details or inquiries, please contact the Parish Office (315 894-3766).