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Ilion, NY

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Church of the Annunciation

109 West St.

Ilion, NY  13357

(315) 894-3766



1. All financial business in connection with St. Agnes Cemetery must be done at the parish office listed above.

2. Cemetery barrels are designated GREEN WASTE ONLY for grass, weeds, dirt, rocks, etc. or CEMETERY TRASH ONLY for flower boxes, etc.

3. Cemetery personnel may require access upon or through existing lots in order to perform cemetery requirements.  There may be some disturbances to the lots that may regretfully occur.  Every reasonable effort will be made to restore the lot to its normal appearance.

4. St. Agnes Cemetery, Church of the Annunciation, and cemetery personnel will not be held liable for any loss or damage.

5. These rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.  If you have any problems or questions, please contact the office.


1. To secure a lot, the purchaser is obliged to pay in full within 30 days.

2. Deeds will be issued when lots are paid in full.

3. All cemetery fees must be prepaid.  No interment or disinterment will be permitted and no monument or embellishment placed upon any lot if there is any fee due and unpaid.

4. Lot owners are not allowed to sell in whole or in part any lots.  Lots can only be sold back to St. Agnes Cemetery for the original purchase price, less a 10% filing fee.

5. No plastic, wood, glass, or ceramic vases or other such ornamentation are allowed and, if found, will be removed by the caretakers.

6. No trees, shrubs, plants, or bushes will be allowed on new lots or be replaced on existing lots.  New bushes will be removed at lot owner’s expense.  Any existing shrubs, trees, or bushes that are overgrown or impede the caretaking will be removed at the lot owner’s expense.  The stumps are the responsibility of the lot owner.

7. No brackets are to be attached to any monument and, if found, will be removed by the caretakers.

8. No fencing, edging, or artificial boundaries of wood, brick, stone, or other loose materials are allowed around the monument.

9. Planted flowers must be no more than one foot from the base of the monument.  Baskets of cut flowers must be placed within one foot of the base of the monument or on the side of it.  These baskets are not to be secured to the ground with stakes, rods, or wire.  Those flowers that do not meet these specifications will be removed by the caretakers.


1. Every effort will be made to adhere to scheduled burials.  St. Agnes Cemetery retains the right to delay or postpone burial due to inclement weather or other unforeseen difficulties. St. Agnes cemetery reserves the right to alter or add to the above restrictions.

2. Funeral Directors, with a family member present, will show the cemetery personnel which grave is to be opened.  A Funeral Director is required for all burials, including cremains.

3. All burials require a burial vault constructed of reinforced concrete or steel. Cremains require a sealed cremation vault.

4. No more than two cremains will be allowed in one grave site.

5. Funeral Directors must notify the business office a minimum of 48 hours in advance to schedule a burial.

6. All burial arrangements should be made through the parish office.

7. Lowering devices OR sticks and straps shall be used on burials.


1. Location, design, type, and material make-up of a monument must be approved by the parish office.  To ensure conformity with this regulation, a photograph of the monument must be approved by the parish office before the foundation is produced.  

2. Foundation orders should supply us with the size of the foundation. Foundations must be level with the ground.

3. It is prohibited to erect a monument of any type on an unpaid lot.

4. If a monument dealer places a monument in violation of cemetery regulations, the monument must   be removed.  The dealer is responsible for any damage that occurs.

5. No artificial coloring or painting of designs and inscriptions will be allowed.

6. Veterans’ markers will be allowed upon prepayment for installation.  

7. Temporary grave markers provided by the Funeral Director will be allowed until a permanent monument is placed.

8. On single grave lots, monuments may be placed above ground but the length must not exceed 30”.

9. Monuments centered on less than four graves must not exceed 48”.  Any monument over 48”
in length must be centered on four or more graves.  No other above ground monuments will be permitted on any grave that an above ground monument is centered upon.

10. No additional above ground monuments will be permitted on any grave that a current above ground monument is centered upon.

11. Monuments must be of granite.  Marble (except to match an existing monument) and Southern granite is not allowed.

12. No monument can be erected without a cement foundation.  No sod setting of monuments will be tolerated.

13. All foundation work will be done at the convenience and discretion of cemetery personnel.

14. All work pertaining to foundation and cornerstone installation shall be done by cemetery personnel only.  This shall also include ground mounting of Veterans’ plaques.

St. Agnes Cemetery is located just outside Ilion on State Rt 5. It is open from April to November (depending on weather conditions). A limited number of plots are available for interment.