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Home Parish Staff Services Bulletins Psalms Religious Ed Parish Groups St Agnes Cemetery Links

Parish Committees and Groups

Pastoral Council:  Father Paul Catena, Marianne Lee (Trustee), Maryel Wallace, Melinda Marley, Barbara Dunadee, Dan Sheffield, Kathy Durant, Theresa Palmeri and Bob Manion

Finance Council:  Father Paul Catena, Fran Reina, Paul Thibault, Cynthia Cardarelli, Dave Williams, Bob Alexander, Tim Day

Prayer and Worship Committee:   Father Paul Catena, Carol Lennon (secretary), Barbara Baron, Carole Jean Crimmins, Lisa LoRe, Cindy Reles, Debra Wainwright, Maryel Wallace

Baptism Preparation/Bookings:   Father Paul Catena

Sacristans:  Carol Lennon, Melanie Greene, Mary Joan Korce, Cynthia Reles, Dan Sheffield and Karen Slocum

Sacristy Linen Committee:   Kathy Cimino, Dawn Hosney, Ethel Lupinski, Jane North, Vin Terricola, Betty Warkins

Funeral Mass Ministry:   Joan Murphy, Bill Pickett, Shirley Pickett

Prayer Shawl Ministry:   Joan Annutto, Judy Conover, Barb Cormia, Karen Delong, Barb Dunadee, Sandy Engelbrecht, Lynn Fitzer, Shirley Hoeschele, Linda Juteau, Norma Karla, Sue Morris, Sandy Rasmussen, Mary Jean Smith, Peggy Wilson, Rita Yashinski

Deanery Vocations Awareness Committee:    Senan Greene, Bridget McKinley,

Scriptural Rosary, Novena and Divine Mercy:   Monica Hadsell

Sacred Heart Prayer Group:   Mike Kubica

Bible Study Group:   Liz Skinner

RCIA Catechists/Sponsors:   Father Paul Catena, Thomas Lester (Coordinator), Cindy Albin, Barb Dunadee

Religious Education Program:   Maryel Wallace (Coordinator)


o 1st Grade - Kristin Luke

o 2nd Grade - Cindy Albin

- Jen Conover

- Kathy Durant (asst)

o 3rd Grade - Kim Obreza

- JoAnn Duga (asst)

      o 4th Grade - Joy Patterson and Sue Wren

      o 5th Grade - Paul Thibault  

o 6th Grade - Suzette Wright

o 7th Grade - Ann Frank

o 8th Grade - Cherine Wynn

      o 9th Grade - Julie Bush and Patty Day

o 10th Grade - Mary Joan Korce

Child Protection Coordinator:   Maryel Wallace

Altar Servers:  4 PM - Nicholas Shedd, Reese Luke, Charlie Buckley , Logan Shedd

11 AM - Jacob Bunce, Cierra Doolen, Krystina Higgitt, Raymond Geise, Madyson Lennon, Madison Obreza, Michael Scouten, Nicki Thibault, Cheryl Tucker, Carter Wynn

Eucharistic Ministers:   4 PM -  Barbara Dunadee, John Gilmartin, Michael Kubica, Bill & Shirley Pickett, Linda Rice, Gary Slopka, Cindy Albin, Jane Gilmartin, Sally Kramas, Marianne Lee, Cynthia Reles, Ron Stanley, Marguerite Wesolowski, Dennis Wesolowski    

11 AM -  Ben Alabastro, Lisa Alexander, Barbara Baron, Angela Belmont, Patricia Church, Karen Delong, Senan Greene, Carol Hadcock, Mary Beth Hartman, Bridget McKinley, Lillian Kress, Steve Lachacz, Mary Leahy, Bob Loefler, Colleen Russell, Deborah Teeter, Paul Thibault

Any Mass - John Gilmartin, Melanie Greene, Noreen Metz, Heather Zieniewiczi

Lectors:   4 PM - Ronald Dunadee,John Gilmartin, Sally Kramas, Cynthia Reles

11 AM - Lisa Alexander, Angela Belmont, Melanie Greene, Paul Thibault, Pattie Day

Greeters:   4 PM - Donna Angelichio, Harriet Byland, George Calicchia, Joan Conte, Linda Edick, Allen Edick, Cynthia Reles, Janet Snyder

11 AM - Barb Baron, Jack Day, Patty Day, Karen Delong, Joyce Eagan, Carol Hadcock, John Kress, Lillian Kress, Joyce Patterson, JoAnn Duga, Michael Scouten, Cherine Mead-Wynn, Religious Ed Students

Master of Ceremonies:   4 PM - Sally Kramas, Carol Lennon, Gary Slopka   

11 AM - Lisa Alexander, Angela Belmont, Senan Greene, Michael Scouten, Paul Thibault

Eucharistic Ministering to Hospitals, Shut-ins and Nursing Homes:   Father Paul Catena, Lisa Higgs, Mike Kubica, Carol Lennon, Sue Morris, Joan Murphy, Joyce Patterson, Bill Picket, Shirley Picket, Lydia Sexton, Liz Skinner, Karen Slocum, Jane Spellman, Jim Skinner

Berevement committee:   Annunciation:  Maryel Wallace, Linda Rice, Carole Jean Crimmins, Judy Butts, Lynn Ann McCoy

       OLQA:  Lynnann McCoy (Chairperson), Kathy Marrotta, Carole Jean Crimmins, Sam Simonette

Ministers' Schedule Coordinator:   Lisa Alexander

Special Projects:   Lue Geloso, Patricia Heston, Carol Lennon, Bridget McKinley, Nancy Manion, Joann Paoni, John Paoni

Environment and Art Committee:   Skip Ames, George Calicchia, Jane Gilmartin, Art Durkin, Bill Farrell, Joann Fitzer, Lue Geloso, Melanie Greene, Senan Greene, Gary Greig, Dawn Hosney, Jon Hosney, Christine Jones, Mike Kubica, Cathy Kubica, Carol Lennon, Cathy Lester, Theresa Lockwood, Nancy Manion, Bridget McKinley, Peter North, Donna Perry, Angie Trautlein, Dave Williams

Parish Projects & Maintenance Committee:   Dave Williams - Chairperson, Skip Ames, Gary Greig, Tim Teeter,  Bob Manion, Paul Thibault

Hospitality and Fundraising Committee:   Vicky Angell,  Joann Paoni

Salvation Army:   Pat Clemmons, Bobbie Christina, Nora/Andrew Dussault, Mary Alice Farrell, Bill Farrell, Jessica Johnson, Crista Johnson, Krista Johnson, Kayla Johnson, John.Lillian Kress, Joan Moore, Ashely Moore, Nancy Murphy, Joan Murphy, Jim/Liz Skinner, Irene Wezalis, Bob Yardley, Janet Yardley, Helen Zimmerman

Food Pantry:   Sue Tucker, Joanne Amato

Basic Needs Closet:   Fran Retzloff

Rummage Sale:   Pat Angell, Vicki Angell, Harriet Byland, George Calicchia, Karen Delong, Anna Duffy, Florence Disotelle, Katelyn Engelbrecht, Mary Jane Guile, Sheila Haggerty, Dawn Hosney (co-chairperson), Lillian Kress, Jack Kress, Phyllis Metz, Nancy Murphy, Sandy Rasmussen, Fran Retzloff (co-chairperson), Carol Walsh, Paula Williams

Coat Give Away:   Fran Retzloff, Dawn Hosney, Shelia Haggerty, Nancy Murphy, Paula Williams, Carol Walsh

Rectory Volunteers:   Joyce Adams, Harriet Byland, Barb Cormia, Sue Morris, Joan Murphy, Jane Spellman, Maryel Wallace, Gail Campo, Nancy Murphy

Media & Publicity Representative:   Barbara Laible

Parish Archivist:   Jane Spellman

Web Site Manager:   Sidney Vivacqua Jr.

Web Site Hosting : HostFleet.com   Jon Feduccia

By baptism, we are all called to serve God and each other. Our parish is blessed with so many who fulfill that baptismal call. Below is a list of active and potential ministries in the parish. If you would like to become a minister, or if you would like to be involved in a ministry that you are not currently involved in, please click anywhere in this paragraph for a form that can be either dropped in the collection basket  or  at the parish office or you can call the parish office for more information.